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Иногда мы долго ищем то,что лежит у нас перед глазами,будучи уверенными в том, что этого там нет...
реально что-то на старенькое пробило ^^
Anime: Tsubasa chronicle, Tsubasa Tokyo Révélations & Tsubasa Shunraiki
Musique: Stay with me - Danity Kane
Auteur: TulipaSa

и еще
а я не смотрела еще >< не смогла сходить в кинотеатр(((
=>Avril Lavigne - Alice
author: Tayo
video: Shuffle!
music: Skin - Nothing But
Akross con 2007
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Best Romance/Sentimental - 3rd place - AKROSS Con 2008.
Best Romance - Finalist - Viewers Choice Award 2009.

Anime: Bokura ga ita
Music: Paramore - "We are broken" & Yellowcard - Paperwalls


About the video:
This is my latest real release up to date. It was made and released in December of 2008.
I made it as an entry for the infamous Russian AMV contest AKROSS. A contest that is famous for bringing effect filled and technically impressive videos. From that contest videos like "Whisper of the Best", "Reflections", "Part of you, Shadow of me" and "Spoil", was created.
Anyway, I had this project in mind right after I re-watched the anime of the DVD's Niwa bought for me as he was in japan. Starting to edit bits and pieces of it I later put it on ice. Though, seeing as I hadn't made anything in a few months I decided to pick it up once again. At that time I ran into the announcement of AKROSS Con taking in none-russian editors, so I set out the deadline for the contest as a little goal of motivation.
Ending up going to the finals, I was happy with the results of the video itself.
It was and is by far my favorite video out of my own creations.

Though I only finished 3rd in my category =\
Hope you download the video and enjoy it in it's real form! ^^

- ZetZu
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и одно из моих любимых аниме *_____*
AMV from AKROSS Con 2008
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